Try A Little Tenderness

Try A Little Tenderness by All That’s Left Late afternoon and the air was crisp for once. Cool on the extremities. The weather was in between seasons, in between muggy days and brisk nights. Kay took a step outside, leaving

First Online: January 30, 2010
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on foot

Written some time in 2007 back when I still used she/her pronouns and didn’t understand much of what ailed me.   [audio:onfoot.mp3] Why is it that she feels so lonely? Wandering around in IKEA to buy chopsticks they won’t even

First Online: December 26, 2007
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Sometimes Always

Sometimes, nothing is more inviting to me than a bed of green grass under a blue sky. I like nothing more than lying down and looking up. Especially on a breezy day. It was one such day, when I was

First Online: October 23, 2005
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