Hotbloods by All That’s Left Channel 7-70 had Hotblood Saturdays every weekend of the month. They billed it as a double feature of independent erotic films, but Channel 7-70 (not actually a television channel but a full-service “anytime” subscription media-stream)

First Online: January 19, 2012
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[audio:gargoyles.mp3] gargoyles and wooden blocks sit arranged at my side by my throne of dust and tired bones fading memories and crumbling ambitions are put in a sacred box in hopes of preservation for we have sailed into the doldrums

First Online: March 18, 2009
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on foot

Written some time in 2007 back when I still used she/her pronouns and didn’t understand much of what ailed me.   [audio:onfoot.mp3] Why is it that she feels so lonely? Wandering around in IKEA to buy chopsticks they won’t even

First Online: December 26, 2007
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Sometimes Always

Sometimes, nothing is more inviting to me than a bed of green grass under a blue sky. I like nothing more than lying down and looking up. Especially on a breezy day. It was one such day, when I was

First Online: October 23, 2005
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