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M Téllez is a heavily cyborg sci-fi writer and sloganeer from the 215. They serve as Minister of Crossroads and founding member of the corner store sci-fi collective, METROPOLARITY.


M Téllez is a crossroads cyborg who writes and performs speculative fiction about desolation/intimacy, class/objectification, borders/land-based memory/media control, and the violence in relying on binaries to order the world. They are from a working class blended family, and born and raised by the city of Philadelphia*. M is frustrated/pissed with institutional legitimacy/charity, anti-blackness by white assimilation, and fixed treatments of language and perspective. They serve as Minister of Crossroads and founding member of METROPOLARITY, a corner store sci-fi & action collective that uses speculative thinking as a shield and wand against standing empire. They consider the common word a handy and inexpensive tool for deconstructing oppressive world-ordering narratives.


Have a mediated relationship through my coercive surveillance streams located @cyborgmemoirs and on Goodreads.

All That’s Left

It’s a series about people. A non-linear piecemeal drama. A meditation on the present now from the hologram positions of future past. An obsession with all the dystopian movies, comics, and anime of an 80s child mixed race working class survivor lifetime. ALL THAT’S LEFT is about our relationships in systems; the intimate/sexualized and tender/reliant exchanges we develop out of our borders and prosthetics. ALL THAT’S LEFT muses: sex is a power play(?), presentation demands context(?); dignity is maybe all you can fight for and sometimes devotion can suffice(?). ALL THAT’S LEFT is sad. ALL THAT’S LEFT is wistful. ALL THAT’S LEFT is struggling. ALL THAT’S LEFT is about cyborgs, which are really about paradoxes. Paradoxes aren’t welcome in capitalist/colonialist fictions of reality so we find ourselves confronted by the task: How do we dissect the paradoxes of ourselves when we cannot enter a time before we were? ALL THAT’S LEFT is you and me.

A book version is forthcoming, thanks to support from Philadephia’s Leeway Foundation.


The stories found here employ “he” and “she” pronouns for ease of linguistic flow only. Many of the instances of “he” and “she” are non-binary usages that can be kenned through careful reading and attention to nuance. The singular “they” is also used along with other lesser known pronouns for characters that don’t have or want specific genders (for example, hir and sie, xe and hen). Get into it. Language is a tool and the users define the meanings. Not the legacy of old dead colonizers that wanted to erase your existence.

This Site

This place is the continuation of the personal website I’ve kept since 6th grade, first on AOL Homepages, then to GeoCities (RIP 2010). Eventually I made the jump and bought this domain around 2003. Cyborg Memoirs has been the name of my personal website since 1997, beginning as an adolescent’s disorganized broadcast space on the Web, back in a time when the notion of free bandwidth was just dying out and the Internet was still largely the domain of anonymous nerds with access to desktop computers. It maintains. It holds out.


revising stories about post binary dystopian cyborg living
Revising stories about post binary dystopian cyborg living


m eighteen téllez writes and performs postbinary speculative fiction / summer16 looks
In the lair, summer16


*Philadelphia is a European colonizer’s name for this land. It was stolen from the Lenni Lenape peoples through violent European settler-occupation. Every line of my family – and yours – is connected to the irrevocable changes that European expansion & Euro-centric cultural indoctrination brought upon the world. We already exist in the aftermath of an apocalypse.

Amerikkka was never great.

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